Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Revision Activity That Gets Results

Dr. Karin Evans at the College of DuPage recently shared a strategy for revision in the classroom that could be beneficial for SNL students. She calls it "Showcase" and details it on her blog, linked here.

Describing her reasoning and the effectiveness of showcases, Dr. Evans says:
I believe deeply in the power of having students read MANY drafts. The more they get a sense of the range of what other students are doing in response to the assignment, the more they see what the possibilities are. This seems to raise the bar for the class as a whole – when they see a lot of the drafts, they are bound see some of the best ones. It rubs off. Somehow. I don’t preach at them about this at all – the good examples simply speak for themselves amazingly well.
Once again, click here to read Dr. Evans' blog.

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