Saturday, May 30, 2015

Congrats to 2015 Writing Showcase winners

At the School for New Learning's Writing Showcase LIVE event on May 14, this year's Writing Showcase entrants read from their work and engaged in a roundtable discussion on their paper topics, which included Alzheimer's in the Latino community, Italian-American political leadership in Chicagoland, and personal and spiritual growth during SNL's Tanzania Study Abroad trip. Click here to see posters of entrants' writing that were displayed. A special thanks to Kamilah Cummings and her sister for creating these beautiful posters.

After careful review of the entrants' submissions, the SNL Writing team determined this year's SNL Writing Showcase winners (in alphabetical order):

Jackie Bates: "To Autumn"
Mary Dean: "Taking Ownership in Wellness Through Holistic and Integrative Mental Health"
Maria Gallegos: “Empower the Latino Community: Improve Alzheimer’s Outreach"
Donna Kman: "Walkable Communites: Are Baby Boomers Changing the Landscape and the Demographics of our Communities?"
Henry Kman: "Why do Seniors Retire outside their Native Country?"
James Scalzitti: "Italians vs. Themselves"

Their full papers are available at the SNL Writing Guide website: Please join us in congratulating these winners as well as all of this year's entrants, their instructors, and their mentors. We are proud of all of the wonderful writing and work you do, and we thank you for your ongoing support of the SNL writing community.

P.S. It's not too early to submit to next year's Writing Showcase (due April 1, 2016):

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