Friday, September 28, 2012

Tips for the SNL Month of Writing Challenge!

The SNL Month of Writing Challenge is right around the corner! Sign up today by emailing


Writing 50,000 words in a one month period can seem daunting. Make it easier on yourself by trying out these simple steps.

1)      Have a weekly word count goal. Your schedule may not allow for you to write every day, or something unexpected might cut into your dedicated writing time on a given day.  By having a weekly word count goal, you can still successfully manage your progress, and play catch up on the weekends if need be!


2)      Find a writing buddy! If working out with a partner helps keep you on target for weight loss goals, it should follow that writing with a partner keeps you on target to meet word count goals…right? You could choose to meet in person for writing sessions, or keep each other updated and motivated through email or social media sites.


3)       Get inspired. Keep a dream journal. Try the daily writing exercise available at Read advice from published authors to National Novel Writing Month participants at Do any activity from gardening to tennis to museum visits – and write about it!

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