Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Getting unstuck" with SNL professor Dr. Susan Reed

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? While getting the right words onto the page can sometimes prove to be very difficult, SNL associate professor Susan Reed has a suggestion that might help – journaling. She describes a time she struggled to write a piece for publication on access to healthcare in Chicago. Frustrated with her lack of writing flow, she opened up a new Word document (her journal) and just began writing to herself informally about the topic, instead of to the academic powers that be.

By first writing to herself in a journal style, Dr. Reed was able to formulate her thoughts more clearly. She wasn’t concerned with “sounding smart” as she puts it, and the words came more freely. Even though she wasn’t consciously writing for an academic audience in her journal, Dr. Reed actually found that she was able to cut and paste from her journal into her publication. View her experience with “getting unstuck” below:


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