Friday, March 16, 2012

The poetics of praxis carries with it the discourse of pedagogical institutions.

The above sentence was created with University of Chicago's online random academic sentence generator. Check it out by visiting:

The generator may be a fun in-class exercise to encourage students to be intentional about their word choice and sentence construction.

How does it work?

You are asked to select from a list of phrases:

From the list of noun phrases, the subject of the sentence plus a preposition (poetics of) and the object plus preposition (discourse of).

From the list of modifying phrases, the phrase that modifies the subject (praxis) and the phrase that modifies the object (pedagogical institutions).

Finally, from the verbs list, a verb or verb phrase (carries with it).

Next, the program assembles the phrases in a typical sentence pattern:

Noun Phrase + Modifying Phrase + Verb + Noun Phrase + Modifying Phrase.

Simple as that!

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