Monday, February 6, 2012

For your viewing pleasure…new items on the SNL Writing Website!

Visit the SNL Writing Website,, for the below:

1. A new interview with SNL graduate and former Writing Center Tutor Stephen Hall in which he tells how SNL students can be successful writers, discusses working on his Advanced Project, and tells how the Writing Center can help SNL students.

Recognizing the writing-intensive curriculum of the SNL program, Stephen encourages SNL students to enjoy writing as a process. Even though SNL students have many demands on their time, he believes that it is helpful to view writing as a several step endeavor. Stephen says students need to take time to think about the given writing assignment, time to jot down and outline ideas, and time to write multiple drafts. He offers the example of his own work on his Advanced Project on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and how he allotted himself plenty of time to delve into the material by thinking, researching, and writing about ADHD before he started his first draft.

As an UCWbL tutor, Stephen reminded students how they are uniquely positioned to develop their writing stylistically. This sound bite captures Stephen’s attitude towards taking advantage of academic writing, “So often outside of the academic world, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to own your own voice and to communicate that voice. The School for New Learning certainly fosters an atmosphere where one’s voice can be discovered and heard.” Stephen closes by encouraging students to use the UCWbL not as an editing service, but rather as a place to explore the entire writing process from ‘end to beginning;’ first determining what the final outcome of any given writing project will be.

2. Do you know students writing an Independent Learning Project this quarter? If so, direct them to here to view two new sample ILPs in the focus area, titled "Learning Six Sigma Theory" and "Collecting and Classifying Folklore."

*Please note that the interview with Mary Erl on writing 10 Independent Learning Projects has been moved from the main page to the ILP page,

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