Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Writing Fellows Program

Wondering how you can get more support for student writing in your existing classroom? If you have students write two or more papers, and if you are willing to ask students to create multiple drafts of these papers, consider requesting a Writing Fellow in your Winter or Spring course. SNL faculty who have invited Writing Fellows to accompany their classes have raved about the improvement in students’ thinking and writing:

A description of this opportunity from the University Center for Writing-based learning’s website:

The Writing Fellows Program links undergraduate peer writing tutors with writing-intensive courses across the curriculum -- from physics to journalism, religious studies to computer science.

Like their colleagues in the Writing Center, Writing Fellows are peer tutors specially trained to act as sympathetic readers and advisors, providing informed, constructive criticism to fellow writers. Writing Fellows work with the same set of writers from a particular course for an entire quarter, responding to two of their papers through written comments on drafts and real-time dialogue.

Check out to view SNL alumna/former UCWbL Writing Fellow Jill Anderson’s website and Advanced Project. Jill offers research about adult students, andragogy, writing assistance, writing fellows, UCWbL, etc. The below is an interview with Jill and SNL Writing Instructor Kathryn Wozniak, also on the SNL Writing Guide website, (second from the top right hand corner).

Request a Writing Fellow or learn more:

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