Monday, July 18, 2011

Online Resource for Writers -- Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing - "is a book series containing peer-reviewed collections of essays--all composed by teachers for students--with each volume freely available for download under a Creative Commons license. The Writing Spaces' aims to build a library of quality open textbooks for the writing classroom as an alternative to costly textbooks."

One of the featured essays on the site is "How to Read like a Writer" by Mike Bunn. He discusses the difference between reading for content and actively reading for writing choices and techniques made by the author to better your own writing. Bunn writes, "Questioning why the author made certain decisions. Considering what techniques could have made the text better. Deciding how to include the best attributes of what you read in your own writing. This is what Reading like a Writer is all about." To read the whole text, please visit

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