Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Values and Goals of the SNL Writing Program

Like the School for New Learning, the SNL Writing Program embraces the values of life-long, reflective, student-centered, integrated and experience-based learning. The goals of the Writing Program follow from these values.

The life-long and reflective values focus on providing writing support to students during their time at SNL and preparing them to be self-reflective writers who will continue to improve beyond SNL. To best serve students and faculty, SNL Writing upholds the commitment to continuously renew our pedagogy by learning from others and reflecting upon our own practice.

Maintaining a student- centered writing program is achieved by meeting students where they are and helping them attain the goals they have set for themselves at SNL. This is also achieved through assigning writing projects that are shaped by students’ interests, teaching students to assess and address their own writing needs, and privileging writing instruction that is learner-centric.

The SNL Writing program is integrated into the overall SNL curriculum by delivering writing instruction that helps students succeed in the unique context of SNL, while also building their skills for success in their writing efforts outside of and after SNL. Writing is integrated into the teaching of all competences in ways that enhance learning.

Experience-based learning is accomplished by promoting writing as a means of reflecting upon, making meaning of, and communicating experience. The SNL Writing program values students’ various literacies, while helping students know how and when to move between these literacies. Experience based writing also teaches students how to use writing to describe, reflect upon, analyze, and situate their experience in academic discourse when necessary.

The SNL Writing Program values and goals are available online as part of the SNL Writing Guide.

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