Friday, June 3, 2011

SNL Writing Faculty member, Kristin Fitzpatrick, publishes two short stories and wins award

My short story, "The Lost Bureau," will be published in Epiphany Magazine. The story is about a female police officer who carries her dead husband's unregistered gun during her first week on patrol. One of my former Academic Writing For Adults students is a police officer and he agreed to an interview in order to help me with my research for the story. Another story of mine, "Queen City Playhouse," was awarded the 2011 Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize from the North Carolina Writers Network. The story is about a group of actors trying to stage a production of The Tempest before the owner of their theatre dies. By winning first place in the contest, I received $1000 and a one-year membership to their network. There is an article about the contest at this link:

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