Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Lifelong Learning Cohort Beginning Fall 2011

If you have students or advisees that have not yet taken Foundations and are looking to graduate quickly with ongoing support from his or her Faculty Mentor, suggest registering for Pat Ryan’s Foundations of Adult Learning in Fall 2011. This course is the first in a series of cohort classes that will be team-taught in sequential quarters by Pat with writing faculty, Steffanie Triller. The students in this cohort, beginning with Foundations, will also take Academic Writing for Adults (L4) and Critical Thinking (L5) with the same cohort (8 Cr. Hrs) in Winter 2012. This course will be an 8-credit hybrid, and will include a significant online component. In Spring students will take Research Seminar (L8, L9: 6 Cr. Hrs.) The courses will take place in the Loop on Tuesdays. Finally, students will be offered the choice of taking an Advanced Elective course (E1, E2: 4 Cr. Hrs.) with Pat or Steffanie in the following school year.

Each successive course will build on skills and lessons learned during the previous cohort class. Both instructors and students will work together on a formative learning experience. Instructors will also support students in the writing of two Independent Learning Pursuits (ILPs).

Students interested in this opportunity should register for Foundations of Adult Learning (L2, L3, F1: 6 Cr. Hrs.) taught by Pat Ryan at the Loop in Fall 2011.

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  1. Way to go with this Pat! Catching people up or getting them through Foundations is the best way I know to aid student success. We had a long post FX type class discussion (we being my students and I) about needing to get the concepts in Foundations early. Oddly, or perhaps interestingly, students were split on whether Foundations instructors need to be more nurturing or less nurturing to get a great result. Half my class thought clear deliverables were enough and the rest wanted more hand holding/personal approach. It is the conflict for the ages between "Just tell me exactly what you want and let me run" and "can we talk about this?"