Monday, October 11, 2010

Why do SNL writers participate in the Suburban Campus Writing Groups?

The Suburban Campus Writing Groups continue on Saturday, Oct. 9 from 10-11:30 am and will meet at the Oak Forest, O'Hare, and Naperville campuses on all Saturdays until Nov. 13. Visit for more information.

Why should students come? Read on to find out why students are participating:

"The writing group held at the Oak Forest campus is very valuable for these reasons:

1. The distance is great!
2. The time on Saturday is great.
3. The group is small, giving me the attention needed.
4. I got to know a Writing Center consultant who I can submit my papers to during the week for Feedback by Email!
5. The Group Leader is relaxed, very helpful, and knowledgeable, making me feel comfortable with what I need to learn."

"The Suburban Campus Writing Groups have been a very positive learning experience. Not having any background with academic writing, I found myself second guessing my material and not knowing how to critique it. The staff was great with their assistance, but it was the interaction with other students that provided the best return on time invested. While I have used this workshop to review class materials, I have also used the resources for a sounding board for blog materials, ILPs and my resume. I would suggest that everyone take advantage of these sessions to make your writing better. You will see improvement and gain confidence very quickly after a few sessions."

"I actually have received more than I expected from the Suburban Campus Writing Groups. The SCWGs helped me opened my mind to think outside the perimeters of a box. The SCWGs gave me a chance to talk when no one may want to listen, expand outside the box, and converse through writing without boring someone. The Groups help me to dig deep into the recesses of my mind and actually 'VENT' or 'UNLOAD'."

“This was a perfectly timed and very positive experience for me. When I say that Morgan 'saved my life,' I am exaggerating only slightly. I had been carving away at the block marble and trying to find the 'angel' within it before he led me to the answer. Following that meeting, my instructor recognized the improvement between successive drafts, and my submitted final earned a good deal of praise from her.”

“Tom and Morgan were knowledgeable, polite, enthusiastic, and they appeared to really enjoy what they were doing. Their engagement with each of us created a comfort zone. I felt and saw in other participants a willingness to share ideas and to address specific writing challenges. I enjoyed the immediate and warm connection between all of us and felt that newcomers immediately became part of the group. I saw courtesy, respect, patience and encouragement. I saw (and felt no lack of my own) excitement when ‘something clicked.’ I just wanted to run right home and get to work, rather than avoid the assignment as happened when I lacked focus.“

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