Monday, September 20, 2010

Schedule Your Writing Center Presentation

A message from the Writing Center's SNL Coordinator. Please make note of the new ILP and AP workshops being offered this fall on the Suburban Campuses.

Dear SNL Faculty,

My name is Tom McNamara, and I am the coordinator of the Writing Center's Suburban Campus Writing Groups and SNL outreach. I'd like to let you know about some of our new initiatives and encourage you to request a presentation for your class so that students can find out more information about our services. During these presentations, an experienced Writing Center tutor can visit your class to discuss our services with your students. These 10 to 15 minute presentations are meant to provide information about Writing Center services and are not instructional workshops. Please contact me or visit our website ( to schedule an appointment.

As usual, your students are welcome to participate in Writing Groups at the Suburban Campuses, which give SNL students who study in the suburbs an opportunity to consult with experienced writing tutors about their work. These groups also allow students to participate in conversation about the writing of others, giving them opportunities to give response to other students and thus improve their reading skills. Those who participate regularly in the Groups report that engagement in such conversation about writing has, in turn, helped them write more effectively. Of course, students are also encouraged to schedule Face-to-Face, webcam or instant message appointments, or submit essays for Feedback-by-Email. Information about all of our services can be found at

Additionally, the Writing Center will begin offering ILP and Advanced Project workshops during the Autumn term. These workshops will allow students working on these projects the opportunity to consider strategies that will help them successfully complete these tasks. During the Autumn Quarter, the ILP workshop will take place on Sept. 25 on the Suburban Campuses, and the Advanced Project will be held on Oct. 9, also at the Suburban Campuses.

You might also consider contacting Matthew Pearson, our Coordinator for Faculty Services, about the Writing Fellows program. Writing fellows assist students in your class by making thoughtful and extensive revision-oriented comments upon drafts of assigned papers. They then confer one-on-one for a substantial amount of time with each student in effort to help students make smart, significant revisions to their papers before they are turned in for a final grade. Matthew's email is

Finally, you might consider inviting a writing tutor to your class to coordinate a Fishbowl Workshop. During a Fishbowl Workshop, one of our tutors will visit your class and facilitate a Peer Review Group in front of your whole class, sharing with them strategies for providing effective response to other writers. You may contact me to schedule a Fishbowl Workshop for your class.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Writing Center during the term. I'll be most happy to talk with you about how we can serve your students.

All the best,


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