Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Students for Spring Writing Groups Starting Saturday 4/10

Dear SNL Faculty:

As the spring term commences, I hope that you’ll aid the Writing Center in its outreach to SNL students.  Last winter, the Writing Center began offering Suburban Campus Writing Groups (SCWGs) at the Naperville, Oak Forest, and O’Hare campuses.  These groups allow students to, with the aid of Writing Center consultants, work on their writing in an atmosphere that promotes the sort of collaborative and active learning valued by SNL.  Participants have received the program enthusiastically, returning each semester and suggesting the groups to their friends.  Most importantly, the groups allow students to practice reading and responding to the texts of others, allowing them to develop critical reading skills that they can utilize when assessing their own texts—often making their own writing more effective.

Can you help the Writing Center ensure the success of the groups on the Oak Forest, Naperville, O’Hare, and Loop campuses?  If you know anyone who would benefit from participation, please send their names and, if possible, their emails to tmcnamar@depaul.edu.  Also, please encourage your current students to attend.  Writers of all levels are welcome, and, in fact, the program thrives on the diversity of its participants.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me (tmcnamar@depaul.edu) or consult the Writing Group page on the Writing Center website (depaul.edu/writing).

Thank you for your continued support!
Tom McNamara

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