Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nominate students to be Writing Center Tutors by 4/9

Please nominate your strong writers to be Writing Center tutors. To nominate students, please see

SNL student tutors are invaluable not only for their work with fellow SNL students, who are often more comfortable working with an adult tutor, but also for their ability to educate other tutors about SNL and adult students.

This is a particularly excellent opportunity for students interested in education or graduate work in English.

As part of their training, tutors take a tutor training course which has been pre-approved for the L6 and H2X competencies.

Nominations are due by noon on Friday, April 9, 2010.

"I love being a collaborative writing tutor at the DePaul Writing Centers. I am getting hands-on experience for a future career in teaching. It's educational and interesting to work with the students from cultures across the globe - truly, this is an experience in globalization on many levels. I am motivated to improve my writing skills in order to be a better tutor; and, the Writing Center is full of people who love nothing better than to chat about writing and tutoring - what better way to improve your own writing skills." --  SNL student and Writing Center Tutor

If you have questions, please contact Michelle (

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