Sunday, February 28, 2010

Writing Groups Coming to the Loop in Spring!

When I took my Loop Foundations class to the Writing Center last month, they learned about the tutor-led writing groups being held at the suburban campuses on Saturdays. I encouraged my students to use these writing groups not only to get useful feedback on their writing but also to work on ILPs and eventually their advanced projects. To the amusement of the tutors in the Writing Center, I compared the writing groups to Weight Watchers or exercise groups as a way for students to hold themselves accountable for getting something done on a regular schedule.

My students had one question -- "Why aren't their writing groups at the Loop campus?"

I'm happy to say that starting this spring they will be. Announcements with more details will be forthcoming on the Writing Guide for SNL students website ( Students can also contact the writing group coordinator, Tom McNamara at tmcnamar@depaul.ed

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