Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Suburban Campus Writing Groups Starting 9/26

Encourage your students to participate in one of the Suburban Campus Writing Groups. These Saturday morning writing groups will be convenient not only for suburban campus students, but also for Loop and online students who live in the suburbs.

Both seasoned and struggling writers are sure to gain valuable insights by attending. Studies show that writers improve most when they are able to gain multiple perspectives on their work. These groups give students such an opportunity, all while helping them become more effective writers and training them to give the best feedback possible to others. See the comments below from SNL students who participated in these groups in the Winter and Spring Quarters.

This quarter writing groups on the Suburban Campuses begin on September 26 and continue to November 14. Groups are facilitated by consultants from the University Center for Writing-based Learning and will meet from 10 to 11:30 am. 

Students can sign up for he full eight week session or only four weeks (Sept. 26 to Oct. 17 or Oct. 24 to Nov. 14) by emailing the Suburban Campus Writing Group coordinator at tmcnamar@depaul.edu.

Some comments from SNL participants:

“This was a perfectly timed and very positive experience for me. When I say that Morgan “saved my life,” I am exaggerating only slightly.  I had been carving away at the block marble and trying to find the “angel” within it before he led me to the answer. Following that meeting, my instructor recognized the improvement between successive drafts, and my submitted final earned a good deal of praise from her.”

“Tom and Morgan were knowledgeable, polite, enthusiastic, and they appeared to really enjoy what they were doing.  Their engagement with each of us created a comfort zone. I felt and saw in other participants a willingness to share ideas and to address specific writing challenges… I enjoyed the immediate and warm connection between all of us and felt that newcomers immediately became part of the group. I saw courtesy, respect, patience and encouragement. I saw (and felt no lack of my own) excitement when ‘something clicked.’ I just wanted to run right home and get to work, rather than avoid the assignment as happened when I lacked focus.“

Some comments from Exit Surveys:

I really liked how we learned how to break down essays (writing process).

The day and time of the SCWG [Suburban Campus Writing Group] meetings were very convenient.

It has improved my writing skills.

The thing I liked best about my SCWG experience was the one-on-one help.

I liked everything about my SCWG experience.

Some stats:

60% of participants who responded to the exit survey were advised by an instructor to join an SCWG.

80% of participants who responded to the exit survey said this was their first experience with the Writing Center.

90% of participants who responded to the exit survey were “very satisfied” with their experience with the SCWGs.  10% were “satisfied.”

60% of participants who responded to the exit survey were “very satisfied” with the level of writing knowledge the SCWG Leaders exhibited during meetings. 40% were “satisfied.”

100% of participants who responded to the exit survey said they were “very likely” to participate in another SCWG.

40% of participants who responded to the exit survey used other Writing Center services during the quarter they were registered for the SCWG; 50% of those participated in a face-to-face appointment at the Writing Center; 100% of those scheduled feedback by e-mail appointments; 0% scheduled a webcam/IM appointment or used the quick questions feature.

100% of participants who responded to the exit survey said they would definitely recommend the Writing Center to a friend.

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